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As fight directors and choreographers, we at Strike pride ourselves on paying attention to the acting and direction of the scene. Our work is designed to suit the moment, the character, and the scene - and give each of them purpose. We make our fights and stunts versatile, working with the character in your script to find exactly how they would fight, and make our choreography match.

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- Choreography -
- coordination -

Strike offer authentic, tenacious and gripping fight choreography for your work - whether it be a domestic argument or trained assassins.

We plan the structure of the fight, pinning down the moves and techniques, the speed or brutality, and bring our work ready to rehearse on set or stage. Everything's adaptable though, and our creativity allows us to make great changes on the fly.

Along with providing choreography, the coordination is key: making sure the fight is working take after take, or show after show. We'll be on set engaging with the performers, keeping them safe and letting the moves really sell.

- weapons -

We also have weapons available for hire, or use on a production we're working on. Just contact us with your enquiry and we'll see what we can do.

Our team are professional stage combat actors - so they bring all the performance needed for an incredible fight scene. As a team, we work incredibly together to shape the action, and we can choreograph a fight as well as being in it. This means you're not worrying about hiring a fight choreographer, getting them to teach actors and generally feeling your shoot or rehearsal become more and more sluggish. We bring both skills in one - and your production will see the difference.

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There's a few other things we do too: