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Combat Course

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Benefits Include: 

  • Learn the tricks of the trade from your own home 

  • Learn in your own time with no set schedule 

  • Go at your own pace! 

Online stage combat course from the comfort of your own home

Looking to improve your stage combat from the comfort of your own home? Fit in classes on your own schedule? Then our new online stage combat courses may be for you. 


For £30 per course or £90 for all four you can learn four various techniques at home, whenever you want. Fit around your work, and keep your learning flexible with these DIY at home videos. 


We’re going to be launching four weapons; unarmed fighting, rapier & dagger (small, light weapons), broadsword (larger weapons) and quarterstaff (stick fighting). 


  • Courses last approx. one hour - comprised of around 30 different short videos covering the techniques

  • Learn in your own home - you don’t need to worry about your skill set in comparison to others 

  • Flexible around your work commitments 

  • One you buy the course - it’s yours. So you can always come back for a refresher when you need it!

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